Made My Own Thanksgiving Meal

Hey y’all!

Sorry it has taken so long for this second post to roll around. I promise I’ll write more often after this week is over! I’ve only got a week left of my first semester of graduate school, and boy, is it a busy one!

Anyway, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I sure did.

candied-yamsMy boyfriend and I decided we would have our own Thanksgiving together and that I would cook. Nervous and excited, I made two desserts in advance before picking him up from the airport. In all honesty, I really made too many desserts… but really, how can you have too many desserts on Turkey Day?

I started off the day by making monkey bread using a quick and easy recipe I found on Pinterest. My boyfriend quite likes monkey bread and I thought I could compete with previous recipes he had in the past. Big mistake. The recipe I used called for Pillsbury Grands biscuits and it was just “too biscuit-y” for my boyfriend. I cried for twenty minutes.

turkey-legsI may also have cried because I had forgotten to marinate the turkey legs (we chose legs because we couldn’t eat a whole turkey by ourselves). I just wanted to prepare a fantastic dinner for my boyfriend, especially since it had taken me four years to actually prepare a whole meal for him by myself, and I felt overwhelmed and just wanted to make something that really impressed him, ya know?

deviled-eggsWell, it turns out, I didn’t do so bad on the other recipes I prepared. We both scarfed down the deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, candied yams, and other assorted sides. AND my boyfriend said the turkey legs and candied yams were the best he had ever had! So my earlier tears were all for nothing. Turns out I did just fine.

Have you prepared a Thanksgiving feast on your own? How did the first time turn out? Share your favorite, non-secret recipes in the comments!


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